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BLINQ, the Smart Safety Light is here to change the status quo.


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BLINQ Smart Safety Light works as an autonomous unit. In combination with the BLINQ App it becomes an holistic all-round protection IoT product. The user gains access to many digital features, such as friend lists, emergency and breakdown service and the operation and status query of the warning signal.


Road safety has top priority. In growing metropolitan areas and increasing traffic in most regions, dangerous situations are on the agenda for all cars, trucks and motorcyclists. With BLINQ we offer a smart solution, that assists in breakdowns and accidents and guarantees safety.

BLINQ is here to set new standards and save people's lives.

BLINQ is certified for all roads in Europe.

BLINQ Smart Safety Light has been certified by TÜV Rheinland. It proves that BLINQ is safe and legal to be used on all roads in Europe.

A smart solution for your emergency situations.

Our design team understands drivers' needs and puts your safety into the first place. BLINQ helps you in emergency situations anytime and anywhere.

Now it's the era of the Smart Safety Light!


High-quality innovation to replace the standard warning triangle.


The multiple steps you had to take before are now reduced to one.


BLINQ's unique features put your safety and convenience at the first place.


BLINQ has already been helping out drivers for their emergency situations.

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