How blinq helps you

BLINQ's features are carefully thought out to ensure that they meet your needs.

300 meters

maximum visibility

5G Shock Sensor
> 4h
Battery Power
V 5.2
Technical Specifications

Highest quality components built in for a maximum of safety.

In order to meet the highest demands, BLINQ Smart Safety Light only use the best parts. No compromises can be made when it comes to safety and reliability.

Power Suction Cup

The suction cup guarantees BLINQ a firm hold on smooth surfaces.

The power suction cup is particularly powerful and enables a maximum suction effect with a load of up to 20 kg. It sticks to all rear windows, as well as plastic windows and smooth metal surfaces.

Battery Powered

BLINQ Smart Safety Light is powered by 4 * standard AA batteries.

The light output for BLINQ is more than 4 hours at full energy. The Smart Safety Light is ready for use at any time. The battery status can be read via the charge indicator on the outer housing.

1000 lumen

Led Luminosity

High-end LEDs

We use quality LEDs, that have been precisely milled by our manufacturer.

The high-end LEDs have a larger light spectrum and an improved light range. Thus, we achieve a luminosity that warns drivers at a distance of more than 300 meters.

15 sec

easy assembly


full protection

Water Protection

Protection against permanent immersion into water.

Dust Protection

Dust-tight against all forms of small and large dust particles.

Ice Protection

Resistant to cold up to temperatures below freezing point.


Easy to transport and quick
to use for a safe journey.

The Smart Safety Light is compact and thanks to its foldable design, can also be transported in the glove compartment or in smaller storage compartments of vehicles and motorcycles.


BLINQ is  made out of durable materials.

The Smart Safety Light is made from high quality materials by experts. Great emphasis is placed on production. BLINQ does not only protect drivers in dangerous traffic situations, but also ensures long-term value retention.

Your safe companion

Now it's the era of the Smart Safety Light!


High-quality innovation to replace the standard warning triangle.


BLINQ's unique features put your safety and convenience at the first place.


BLINQ has already been helping out drivers for their emergency situations.

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