We designed BLINQ Smart Safety Light for your emergency situations.

BLINQ Smart Safety Light impresses with its design.

The warning triangles have remained virtually unchanged throughout their existence without innovation.
This traditional practice might not be the perfect solution. We understand the needs of drivers in emergency situations on the roads. Hence, we designed the new solution for you.

BLINQ is made of the latest LED technology and its visibility reaches more than 300 meters.

BLINQ Smart Safety Light was designed from the start with the strong intention of taking the functions and technical components into account.

An important design element of BLINQ is its foldable shape.

The design language of the Smart Safety Light has an important function. All technical functions are integrated into the aesthetic housing. The suction cup as well as the battery indicator are embedded in the mold.

BLINQ's backside impresses with its fine aesthetics and functionality.

At all times during the development of the BLINQ Smart Safety Light design, our team has placed great emphasis on the user-friendliness and simplicity of the functions.

BLINQ impresses with its excellent design.

BLINQ Smart Safety Light has been certified by TÜV Rheinland for all roads in Europe.

The new BLINQ Smart Safety Light is patented by the European Patent Office.

With the high-quality LED lights, BLINQ achieves a light range of over 300 meters.

We manufacture our products with high-standard technology and strict quality control.

BLINQ Smart Safety Light is for your safety. We ensure our products are 100% safe to use and durable. All products are tested and qualified before they are in your hands.

We designed a better solution for your emergency situations.

Our design team based in Munich understands drivers' needs and puts your safety into the first place. We incorporate the latest LED technology and our innovative ideas into BLINQ Smart Safety Light for your urgent situations with your cars anytime and anywhere.

Now it's the era of the Smart Safety Light!


The multiple steps you had to take before are now reduced to one.


BLINQ's unique features put your safety and convenience at the first place.


BLINQ has already been helping out drivers for their emergency situations.

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