BLINQ App is designed to fit your needs in emergency situations.

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With BLINQ you can now handle each accident or breakdown with ease and no hustle.


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No More Paperwork!

Filling out accident and damage reports is not only a nuisance and sometimes very deliberate, the paper report is also out of date. With the BLINQ App you can save paper and pen and make your life easier.

Insurance Support

BLINQ App enables you to send your damage and accident report directy to your insurance company. The digital processing of your claim makes your life easier and ensures that you do not waste time on paperwork.

And that's how it works …

With BLINQ, You are Safe.


Call for help, inform your family and friends.

Feel always safe. BLINQ App takes care of your problems and provides solutions for you in such stressful moments such as accidents.

Now it's the era of the Smart Safety Light!


High-quality innovation to replace the standard warning triangle.


The multiple steps you had to take before are now reduced to one.


BLINQ has already been helping out drivers for their emergency situations.

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